Foreign English teacher
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthWuxi
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Job Responsibilities

Shane English School Jiangyin Is currently hiring teachers. Our one-year package includes: ⭐ Competitive salary depending on experience and qualifications ⭐ Monthly appraisal bonus based on work performance. ⭐ End of contract bonus ⭐ Health insurance ⭐ Paid holidays throughout the year ⭐ A week of paid training and observations of classes before starting teaching ⭐ Ongoing support throughout the year Contracts are based on 18-20 hours teaching per week (90 hours in a month) and 8 administrative hours per week. Any hours taught over 90 in a month will be paid extra at the end of that month Requirements: - All applicants must be native English speakers - Bachelors degree or above - TEFL certification - No criminal record - A clean bill of health. Please contact me directly if you're interested

Job Requirements

All applicants must be native English speakers with a bachelor degree,TEFL certification, no criminal record and a clean bill of health.

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English teacher


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