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International Business Department Project Manager
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthGuiYang
Guizhou Hangyu Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Understand, research, collect, and organize the target market information, including customer needs, competition situation, supplier information, and partner information. Develop the market,acquire new customers to achieve the sales target. 2. Follow up customer needs in a timely manner, maintain good relationship with customers,communicate and negotiate with customers regularly to ensure customer satisfaction and continuity of cooperation. Actively respond to customer inquiries and ensure effective follow-up and daily maintenance to increase hit rate. Responsible for the reception and negotiation of international customers. Provide after-sales service and resolve customer problems and complaints.

Job Requirements

1. Educational background: Bachelor degree or above 2. Nationality: Polish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Taiwan(PRC). etc. 3. Qualifications: HSK level 4 and above or BCT level 2 and above 4. Majors: engineering, materials, management and other majors 5. Location:Domestic and abroad

Required Languages

Polish, Korean, Japanese, German, French, English

Job Details

Position type



Unlimited experience

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