Lead Environment Artist(work in Malaysia)
Full-time45k - 50K RMB per monthmalaysia
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Job Responsibilities

Lead Environment Artist Location:Penang,Malaysia Salary:40~60K Position Requirements 1. At least 4 years of experience in full game project production is required. 2. Capable of communicating in Chinese Mandarin 3. Have at least 2 experiences in triple-A projects 4. Be proficient in at least two to three areas of art production such as: ·environment modeling and planning ·vehicle modeling ·texture mapping ·environmental level design and layout , and environmental level design and layout, using industry-standard tools such as 3ds Max/Maya/Blender, Substance Painter and Designer/Quixel Mixer, Zbrush, etc. 5. Be skilled in various game engines such as Unreal Engine 5, Unity, etc., and have experience and work products related to these engine environments. The candidate should be able to create top-notch props and textures for next-generation game production. 6. Be able to create top-notch props and textures for next-generation game production. 7. Be able to work well in a team environment, be proactive, and have excellent communication skills. 8. Have a strong foundation in scene art painting. 9. Have a deep understanding of the full game art development and production process. 10. Have a keen sense of light, shadow, colour, and detail in texture mapping and modeling for different materials, and a complete understanding of the modern PBR texture workflow. 11. Have a passion for the game industry. Responsibilities 1. Collaborate with the Art Director and external clients to review and ensure that there are no issues with the client's reference materials or requirements. 2. Establish short-term and long-term art goals, items, and operation procedures for projects with partners or clients. 3. Communicate with project managers and artists, schedule development and implementation timelines, establish milestone goals and plans, oversee asset assignments and track progress. 4. Be responsible for evaluating and identifying areas for each artist's artistic growth, setting improvement goals for them, and identifying and resolving potential issues as early as possible. 5. Monitor and evaluate production efficiency and develop strategies to maximize efficiency performance. 6. Create and maintain briefs and documents for asset creation and training, and conduct basic quality control reviews for further review by the Art Director.

Job Requirements

Skill Requirements The following software packages and tools utilized in the gaming industry must be fully mastered: ·3ds Max/Maya ·Substance Painter ·Substance Designer ·Zbrush ·Photoshop ·PBR workflow ·Unreal 5 Engine ·Blender

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Art/Design Director


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