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Job Responsibilities

1. Assisted the chairman in presiding over the work of the cultural industry group; 2. Coordinated all business formats and administrative affairs management of subordinate centers, and implemented relevant regulations of the Group; 3. Responsible for formulating the Group's development plan, annual plan and work plan of each center, and responsible for the performance of the whole cultural industry group; 4. Responsible for the overall management of the cultural industry group's team management, talent training, work efficiency of each center and other work; 5. Responsible for the arrangement of major reception, publicity, foreign affairs and other culture-related management work; 6. Cooperate with the chairman to carry out other related work.

Job Requirements

1. More than 10 years' experience in culture, performing arts, film and television industry; 2. Familiar with the development trend of domestic and foreign tourism, cultural industry, performing arts and entertainment industry, film and television industry, with rich industry resources; 3. Have extensive customer resources and social resources, keen market insight, excellent project organization ability and activity coordination ability; 4. Rigorous planning and organization skills, team management and communication skills.

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Operation / Office Management


More than 10 years

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