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Job Responsibilities

1. Provide all-round management support for the team, work closely with the head office, and assist the team leader to improve team performance as a reliable business partner; 2. Assist the team to improve the skills of employees by evaluating their performance and abilities. Ensure that each employee matches with their posts; 3. Staff development: shortlist and evaluate high-potential talents, provide feedback and skill guidance for their development, and build talent development echelon; 4. Employee relations: strengthen employee communication and management, conduct regular conversations with employees, get to know their thoughts and opinions, give corresponding guidance, and feed back and deal with problems; 6. Able to deliver the company's important policies from the company's perspective, create a good corporate culture atmosphere according to the company's development strategy and value orientation, and promote the implementation of corporate culture construction in the local business team; 7. Manage overseas suppliers and human resource service providers, and establish supplier pool and supplier management mechanism; 8. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years HRBP work experience, English and native language can be used as working language, Chinese is preferred; 2. Good learning ability and initiative, able to take the initiative to deeply understand the business. Sensitive to the needs of the team, able to undertake multi-role and multi-task work; 3. Care about people, sensitive to people with a deep insight into human nature, able to exert a positive influence on the team atmosphere; 4. Good at integrating resources to achieve goals, and balancing multiple tasks and multiple roles.

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Administrative commissioner


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