Sales representative( Based in Latin America)
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for regional and national market expansion, making comprehensive and specific sales plans, carrying out customer visits and receptions, and obtaining more orders; 2. Responsible for the maintenance and management of customer relations in the country, and establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers. 3. Looking for and expanding agents and partners, urging agents to complete the company's goals and tasks, regularly screening high-quality agents, and doing well on agency services, technical training and market guidance. 4. Implement sales policies formulated by the company,and according to the market feedback, put forward reasonable improvement suggestions. 5. Responsible for the daily management of sales in the region under its jurisdiction, coordinating business and technical negotiations of projects in the region, and providing relevant sales support. 6. Collect competitors' information, combined with the front-end market demand, and make timely response plans. 7.Collect regional market information and master regional market dynamics, characteristics and trends in order to serve as reference materials for decision-making. Email address: Tel number:+86 19925288664

Job Requirements

Job requirements. 1、Bachelor degree or above, familiar with at least one foreign language: English, Japanese, etc. 2、Interested in one of the regions: South America, Japan, Africa, Europe, etc., and have more than 5 years of channel sales or key account sales experience in the relevant region. 3、Excellent negotiation skills, good at grasping customer needs and can give timely and accurate response, strong inter-departmental communication and coordination skills. 4、Possess fast learning and understanding ability for electronic products, software, hardware and other related knowledge.

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Other sales positions


3~5 years

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