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Overseas Business Development Specialist
Ningbo Chisage Resource Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Develop and maintain the commodities business market, and establish efficient sales and information channels; 2. Assist in translation and other administrative work; 3. Follow up and supervise the implementations of business development according to the operating processes and the company's management system; 4. Communicate with customers and suppliers on a daily basis, complete customer development goals set by the company, maintain and manage the existing customers, and communicate internally and externally; 5. Improve the supply database and downstream industry (in-depth research) system.

Job Requirements

Basic knowledge of Chinese, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing; Trade related work experience is preferred; Candidates should be able to receive the training from the headquarters in Ningbo, China in the first year, and in the later stage they can return to their own country to carry out the specified work.

Required Languages

English, Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Turkish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Import and export trade


Unlimited experience

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