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Human Resource Supervisor based in Mexico
Full-timeNegotiableMexico - Mexico
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description: 1.Responsible for factory human resources recruitment, development training, salary performance, employee relations and other human resources; 2.Responsible for the establishment and promotion of the source management system; monitoring the implementation of the factory's human resources policies and providing guidance and support; Supervising and monitoring of factory labor costs; 3.Responsible for optimizing the operation process and continuously evaluating and optimizing the decentralization system: 4.Responsible for Conducting research on factory management issues and operating models, etc.;Analysis and demonstration, output management evaluation, suggestion or constructive plan; 5.Responsible for factory basic management (planning, meetings, official documents, collaboration, etc.) improvement; 6..Responsible for the construction of the factory's safety system, logistics management system and administrative logistics management; 7. Responsible for the maintenance and management of the factory's internal infrastructure, canteen, dormitory, etc; Handling emergencies issues

Job Requirements

Qualification: 1.Bachelor degree or above, major in business administration, human resources management,etc 2.Over five years of working experience in the management of manufacturing enterprises with the scale over 1,000 employees 3.Proficient in human resource management, good at front-line worker turnover rate control 4.English can be used as the working language, Chinese is preferred 5. Master the organizational ability, execution ability, judgment and decision-making ability, and interpersonal communication ability

Required Languages

English, Mandarin, Spanish

Job Details

Position type



5~10 years

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