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International Sales
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Job Responsibilities

1. Based on the current market share and sales volume of our company's products; Analyze the current marketing, public relations strategies, and pricing strategies; 2. Survey of peer enterprises: product quality, brand, packaging, pricing policy, promotional investment, main market regions, product advantages, etc; 3. Conduct a survey on customer satisfaction, regularly submit survey reports and work summaries (quarterly). 4. Responsible for following up and handling after-sales and customer complaints for all types of customers who follow up on their own; 5. Responsible for promoting the company's products online through various B2B websites and other channels, and keeping promotion records; 6. Responsible for maintaining and updating the company's website and paid network platform; 7. Responsible for preparing and participating in various events related to the company's exhibition, and summarizing and reporting the information collected during the exhibition. Timely follow-up from exhibition clients 8. Find new customers through various channels, engage with customers, showcase products, and strive for orders; Simultaneously maintain and follow up with existing customers; 9. Supervise the production progress of customer orders 10. Record in detail the details of the customer's sample order and form a text and image report, and save the actual sample as much as possible for future reference. 11. Responsible for customer file management, refund and collection work; 12. Complete other tasks within the scope of abilities temporarily assigned by the company leadership

Job Requirements

Working hours: 5 days and 8 hours Salary situation: No responsibility base salary+commission Social security type: five insurances and one fund Job requirements: 1. College degree or above, CET-4 or above, fluent in spoken English, able to communicate with foreign businesses in both oral and email communication without barriers; 2. More than one year of international sales experience, solid knowledge in foreign trade, familiar with foreign trade business processes, and proficient in international transaction rules and practices; 3. Ability to develop new customers and maintain existing customers; 4. Work experience in the optical communication industry is preferred, customer resources are preferred, and overseas exhibition experience is preferred.

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1~3 years

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