Channel Manager (Based in United Kingdom)
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Job Responsibilities

Client Business Nature: Mobile Industry Working Location: London, United Kingdom Target Candidate: Local Chinese based in UK or Chinese willing to long station and work in UK Duties: - Combined with the market competition and the company's strategic planning, develop the country (UK) market mobile phones, and other categories of annual sales plan and achieve. - Combined with the company's strategy and market situation, set channel distribution goals (distributor, counter area, stores, etc.) - Real-time mastery of market information, to achieve a full understanding of competitors and prejudgment, timely adjustment of channel policy. - The development and implementation of sales assessment policies and other related policies, and timely feedback amendments. - Familiar with full set business skills, eg: sales (including production and sales) and repayment, distribution, on the counter, display, sales support, the main promotion, promotion, customer service, market information feedback etc Attractive remuneration package will be offered to the qualified candidate. To apply, please send email to Wechat: GICfive5 Whatsapp: +852 9419 1792

Job Requirements

- Full-time undergraduate degree or above - More than 3 years of sales-related work experience in mobile phone or 3C consumer electronics enterprises - With working experience in United Kingdom & familiar with this market - Excellent customer negotiation skills, sales target management, channel management, sales team management, peak season pop-up promotion experience - English can be used as working language.

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Other sales positions


5~10 years

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