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Assistant of the President of African Region
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthSouth Africa
Tianjin Ruiwei Human Resources Services Co Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Under the leadership of the president, improve and optimize the management system of each department and urge each department to complete the establishment of the business process system as planned; 2. Fully responsible for the management work of the president 's office to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the office; 3. Collect and understand the work dynamics of various departments, assist the president to coordinate the relevant business work of various departments, master the main activities of the company and provide basis for the decision-making of the company leaders; 4. Assist the president in the overall planning, classification, coordination, organization and implementation of various activities inside and outside the group, and make various work and schedule arrangements; 5. Coordinate and organize the holding of the president 's office meeting, sort out the meeting minutes and assist in the implementation; 6. Responsible for the processing of copywriting, drafting the president 's participation in various meetings; 7. Participate in the preparation of the company's strategic plan and operation plan, and discuss the company's major decisions; 8. Complete other special affairs assigned by the chairman.

Job Requirements

1. Good temperament, 35-45 years old, comprehensive knowledge structure, with secretary, law, finance, management and other related knowledge; 2. With more than 10-15 years of work experience, both government and enterprise experience, with strong dedication, as well as excellent communication skills, learning ability and insight; 3. Have strong communication and social skills, quick response and problem solving ability; 4. Clear thinking, active and efficient, strong ability to actively plan and implement; 5. Have keen observation ability, strong ability of information and data collection and summary, good at selecting, extracting, processing and transforming large amounts of data; 6. Solid writing skills, good language and written expression skills and document processing skills, independent thinking and planning; Strong ability to withstand pressure

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Other sales positions


5~10 years

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