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Sales Manager (Germany)
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Job Responsibilities

Specific scope of work includes: 1. Responsible for identifying sales opportunities and establishing good customer relations; 2. Collect customer needs and transfer them to pre-sales support team. Maintain communication with customers according to the scheme and quotation given by pre-sales support team, and finalize the scheme and quotation. 3. Responsible for the risk and change management of sales contracts, as well as the obligation to conduct business and technical coordination with customers; 4. Responsible for signing sales contracts and technical agreements; 5. Responsible for maintaining customer satisfaction and expanding product brand influence; 6. Responsible for the collection of payment; 7. Assist in project delivery and customer relationship maintenance in Americas; Assist in after-sales service. 8. Fill in business opportunity sheets as required. If you have any interests, please feel free to contact : Email: steve.wu@hiredchina.com Hotline: 400-175-5857 Wechat id: hiredchina13 Whatsapp: +8618681484644 Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/steve-wu-93b287244

Job Requirements

1. At least 3 years sales experience, and 1-year sales experience in distribution and sorting systems/intelligent storage/logistics automation systems. 2. Language requirement: Local language + English 3. Qualification: Bachelor's degree or above, major in mechanical/electrical engineering or related. 4. Strong communication and expression skills; a strong sense of teamwork spirits; a high level of organization and planning ability; pragmatic and willing to work; self-driven and dedicated.

Required Languages

English, German

Job Details

Position type



3~5 years

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