Design/Brand Direction
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the visual solution of the company's brand website (official website/amazon/social media platform, etc.), including but not limited to brand stories and copywriting planning. Comprehensively and accurately grasp the brand needs of the company and make creative design proposals; 2. Use appropriate art techniques to accurately express brand values; effectively present creative content; guide and follow up the completion of the work of the design department; 3. Responsible for creative screen design, art direction, department coordination, etc., and control of corresponding visual styles all brands within the company; 4. Efficiently implement creative designs such as graphic drafts, brand ideas, video displays, and new visuals for cross-border e-commerce; coordinate the work arrangements of the design department; 5. Assist in the promotion of the company's brand image.

Job Requirements

Job requirements: Major in art and design, visual communication, or related fields, with an ability to draw by hand; Full-time undergraduate degree or above with more than 5 years of design work experience (design work targeting the European and American markets is required), and more than 2 years of team management experience; Familiar with design software such as PS, AI, LR, C4D, with an outstanding design ability, color control, and familiarity with contemporary international and European and American aesthetic styles; Excellent ability in cross-border e-commerce new visual and brand planning, proposal and creative guidance; Diligent, logical, with good execution and teamwork spirit. Skills required: Visual design, hand drawing, art direction, AI, PS, C4D.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Art/Design Director


5~10 years

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