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Overseas Sales Manager
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthFoShan
Guangdong Bordar Technology Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the department's main sales goals and plans, developing, participating in, or assisting upper management in implementing relevant policies and systems 2. Undertake departmental sales task indicators, develop and manage customer resources, 3. Master market information, follow up on market changes, and adjust sales prices and strategies in a timely manner; 4. Responsible for tracking sales revenue and achieving sales profit for each line; 5. Responsible for collecting and resolving customer complaints and deficiencies regarding supply, logistics, products, services, etc., and handling customer complaints; 6. Provide guiding suggestions for product development from the perspective of sales and customer needs 7. Manage, guide, train, and evaluate department employees, leading the team to complete sales tasks 8. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above, proficient in English communication, able to accept work abroad 2. More than 5 years of work experience, with insights into sales management and channel construction 3. Independent thinking, agile response, team spirit, and strong communication skills 4. Able to accept overseas residency arrangements (Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique, Ghana, C ô te d'Ivoire, etc.)

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Business manager


5~10 years

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