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Overseas anchor (Malaysia)
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthChangsha
Hunan Haomai Trading Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for all Malay language live streaming on overseas platforms such as TikTok; 2. Adjust the live broadcast schedule according to the actual situation every day according to the live broadcast plan; 3. Actively interact with fans during the live broadcast process, attract more new followers' attention, and maintain existing fans; 4. Complete monthly live streaming tasks and other tasks assigned by the company, cooperate with live streaming operations, and actively learn more professional skills and knowledge. 5. The live broadcast venue includes but is not limited to the company's live broadcast room. According to the requirements of the live broadcast task, some live broadcasts are outdoor store exploration live broadcasts and visiting live broadcasts. Before starting the broadcast, it is necessary to determine the nature of the live broadcast, cooperate with the script writing and adjustment of the live broadcast theme, and clearly understand the focus and key information of the live broadcast based on the live broadcast activities on the spot.

Job Requirements

1. Good image and temperament; 2. Proficient in Malay and Chinese, able to communicate smoothly, good at communication, articulate, resourceful, obvious personal style, and serious work attitude; 3. Have strong ability to cope with emergencies, communication and pressure; 4. I want to develop in the live streaming industry for the long term and recognize it. 5. Clear language expression, strong camera expression, and relevant live streaming or shooting experience in camera performance are preferred. 6. Having a certain understanding of the overseas social e-commerce industry, especially content e-commerce and live streaming e-commerce, is a priority; 7. Understanding the local culture of Malaysia is a priority.

Required Languages

Mandarin, Malay

Job Details

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Unlimited experience

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