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Facebook Advertising Launch Manager
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShenzhen
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Job Responsibilities

1: Deep understanding of independent websites and relevant experience 2: Responsible for advertising placement on independent FB/Google channels. Plan and manage the execution and effectiveness tracking of advertising campaigns. Collect, summarize, and analyze market information during the product marketing process, and provide constructive feedback 3: Execute daily advertising placement plans, monitor advertising backend data in real-time for advertising optimization, regularly monitor advertising effectiveness, analyze and organize advertising data, and optimize advertising placement strategies 4: Regularly conduct market research and competitor analysis reports, continuously explore advertising creativity, produce good advertising creativity, and be responsible for coordinating and producing advertising materials, and tracking and optimizing them; Utilize innovative thinking to constantly try new target groups and advertising formats, search for, test, and promote new advertising formats 5: Use various marketing techniques to improve the exposure rate of products, and improve the Click-through rate and conversion rate of advertisements

Job Requirements

1: Bachelor's degree or above, English proficiency level 4 or above. Familiar with European and American culture, enthusiastic about marketing work (CET-6 and European and American international students are preferred). Experience in clothing and fashion categories is preferred. 2: More than 2 years of practical experience in advertising. Experience in brand or vertical stations is preferred. (Those with excellent abilities can relax their conditions) 3: Excellent problem-solving and pressure resistance skills, with strong data analysis skills. 4: Serious and responsible, skilled in communication and teamwork, strong execution ability, strong innovation awareness and learning ability. 5: High sensitivity to data changes, independent thinking ability, and strong learning ability. 6: Simple PS and video editing skills.

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1~3 years

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