Game overseas operation
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthUnited States - San Francisco
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Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities: 1. Strong sense of responsibility, proactive, able to work under pressure; 2. Rigorous thinking, rigorous style, positive attitude, able to work independently and have strong team cooperation and communication skills; 3. Have a deep understanding and unique insight into the game industry, especially the mobile game industry; 4. Strong analytical ability, able to deeply understand the core principles of the game and the mentality of players; 5. Have strong writing skills, planning ability, communication ability and scheme realization ability; 6. Love and be familiar with mobile games or PC games. Experience in mobile phone operation, game community management and game media editing is preferred.

Job Requirements

Job requirements: 1. Be responsible for the content release, online and offline, daily operation and update management of game platform products; 2. Be responsible for sorting, statistics, analysis and management of daily operation data; 3. Be responsible for the formulation, implementation and effect evaluation of operation activities; 4. Competitive product test to extract the advantages and disadvantages of rival products;

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Community Operation/Localization Operation


Unlimited experience

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