Presales Manager
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthBrazil,Argentina
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Job Responsibilities

-Closely cooperate with the sales team to explore customers and business opportunities, identify customer's pain points and guide customers' needs. - Deliver product and technical value to customers through preaching, communication, demonstration, PoC, and other means; - Deeply understand the system and business of strategic customers, continuously explore products and solutions that are helpful to the business development of customers, and cooperate with customers to help the business development of customers; - Grasp the application trend of the industry, pay attention to market competition dynamics, actively feedback valuable information, and find new cooperation direction with development potential; - Through industry and scene mining, plan and develop products and schemes adapted to local market together with THE R&D department, and lead the systematic expansion and promotion; - Carry out technical exchanges and training for strategic partners, provide technical support, maintain regular contact and communication, and establish long-term friendly relations; - Project pre-sales technical support, including customer communication, technical exchange, demand guidance, plan to make, plan a demonstration, bidding document-making, bid presentation, etc.

Job Requirements

- Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, network or related field; - Work experience: Rich pre-sales experience of wireless and switching products, with solid basic knowledge of network; - Job skills: Experience in configuring and commissioning Network devices such as Ethernet switches, WLAN devices, routers, and firewalls is preferred

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Sales technical support


3~5 years

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