Manager/Director of Asset Management Department
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1. Assisted in the development and docking of financial enterprises in vertical industries such as consumer finance and supply chain finance, promoted the structural design scheme of financial products, and promoted the cooperation intention 2. Conducted project selection and negotiation, and coordinated and planned the due diligence investigation of alternative projects; 3. Establish and maintain daily communication and relationship with customers in the financial industry, and obtain in-depth and dynamic industrial information; 4. Carry out and promote related business of the cooperative organization; 5. Grasp the market dynamics, represent the company image, and constantly expand and promote the cooperation scope and depth of financial institutions.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in investment, finance, finance and law; Between the ages of 28 and 40; 2. At least 5 years of working experience in financing and asset management of interbank financial institutions such as financing, leasing and factoring; 3. Good cooperation with bank, insurance, small loan and other institutional funds, familiar with their project preferences; 4. Good communication skills, teamwork spirit and high professional ethics; 5. Knowledge of financial products, industry research, asset allocation, financial analysis, risk control and investment management; 6. Rich social resources and financial institutions' network resources are preferred.

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Engineering / Project Management



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