International Trade Manager
Part-time10K - 15K RMB per monthChongqing
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Job Responsibilities

1.Quickly familiarize with the product and exhibition hall, and be able to independently analyze its composition and give accurate quotations , some translation papers. 2. Analysis the product in the market , and give customers a timely response of product specifications, quality, information, etc. 3. Ability to independently develop and maintain customers, with the ability to adapt the changes and facilitate orders. 4. The production process should be tracked and inspected to ensure quality assurance and follow up related inspection certificates and freight forwarding. 5. The client's information and samples shall be kept confidential, all the data shall be archived regularly, performance reports shall be submitted on time. 6. Complete other tasks arranged by superiors.

Job Requirements

2.College degree or above, majored in international trade, business English, applied English, interpretation and other related English majors; English level 4 or above, requires writing and speaking both fluently, any extra languages like Spanish, Russian, German, French, etc. will be consider extra points. 3. Understand/skill with foreign trade export process, Understand/skill with foreign trade business development and business negotiation, skill with common international exchange etiquette, with more than 1 year of relevant experience in the furniture industry is preferred. 4. Proficiency in office software and international social app, with strong professionalism, teamwork spirit and independent ability, and develop and innovate thinking.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Import and export trade


Unlimited experience

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