Live Broadcasting Operation Manager (Portuguese)
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Job Responsibilities

Your responsibilities: 1. According to the operation plan, cooperate with the recruitment of relevant regional anchors to restore overseas anchors to supervise and guide, and maintain good relations in overseas markets 2. Regularly analyze the performance of the anchor, optimize the anchor management process, and cooperate with the overall overseas market related work 3. Responsible for the local language promotion of the company's App in the local community, assist in arranging localization of the project, and organize multilingual related documents 4. Assist the localization team with the R&D team to ensure the improvement and quality of the localization of the project, and assist the localization person in charge and the expansion localization personnel to communicate If you are interested in this job, you could send your CV to Wechat ID:hiredchina4

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, native in (speaking, reading, writing) at least one of the languages: Spanish,Portguese. 2. In-depth understanding of the culture of the above-mentioned relevant countries/regions, those with relevant countries to study/work/life experience are preferred. 3. Experience in live broadcasting/hosting operation is preferred 4. Love overseas Internet culture, familiar with overseas social media platforms, and have high sensitivity and understanding of overseas network hotspots, trends, and popularity; 5. High EQ, good at communication, can complete multi-lingual team at home and abroad and collaboration 6. The logic is clear, the work execution is meticulous, creative, attention to detail, strong pressure resistance, active thinking, willing to accept new challenges 7. Have a strong sense of responsibility, have excellent self-driving power and independent thinking ability

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Operation / Office Management


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