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Indonesian translation
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthIndonesia - 印尼中苏拉威西省莫罗瓦利县莫罗瓦利工业园
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Job Responsibilities

1. Handle the work visa of the company's employees; 2. Translate Indonesian labor laws and regulations; 3. Be responsible for the entry and exit arrangement of employees; 4. Responsible for the examination and approval of the wages of Indonesian employees, the union dues of Indonesian employees, and the Indonesian social security and medical insurance; 5. Responsible for Indonesian tax card registration of Chinese employees; 6. Leading business translators and accompanying translators on business trips.

Job Requirements

1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above, major in Indonesian or native Indonesian; 2. Indonesian majors or native speakers of Indonesian language who are willing to engage in translation work are preferred; 3. Proficient in Indonesian, fluent in spoken and written language, and able to communicate daily in Chinese; 4. Be familiar with the local culture and customs in Indonesia, and have good understanding and expression skills in Chinese and foreign languages; 5. Good personal image, strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills, and good team spirit; 6. Have the basic ability of computer software and hardware application, and skillfully use Windows and Office and other office software.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English, Indonesian

Job Details

Position type



1~3 years

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