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General Manager
Full-timeNegotiableVietnam - 海防市海安郡东海2坊,停武-吉海经济区,南停武工业区(第二区)Building A2- Unit 1 - Block CN2A- 11号
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for assisting the Chairman in formulating the company's development strategy and adjusting it according to changes in the internal and external environment; Organize the implementation of the company's overall strategy, explore market opportunities, and lead innovation and change; 2. Organize the formulation and implementation of the company's annual business plan based on the annual business objectives issued by the chairman, supervise and control the implementation process of the production and business plan, and take full responsibility for the results; 3. Responsible for maintaining good communication with the chairman, regularly reporting to the chairman on the implementation of strategies and plans, fund utilization and profit and loss, organizational and personnel allocation, and other major matters; 4. Establish smooth communication channels between the company and customers, suppliers, partners, superior supervisory departments, government agencies, and other departments; 5. Leaders create a corporate culture atmosphere, shape and strengthen the company's values; 6. Lead and promote key management processes and regulations, and timely optimize and adjust the organization and processes; 7. Responsible for supervising the operation status of various systems in the company and promptly correcting any deviations; 8. Supervise and inspect the Deputy General Manager of Production, establish and improve the implementation of various regulations and operating procedures in the company's planning, process, production, safety, engineering, and warehousing departments; 9. Responsible for building the company's employee team, selecting middle and senior management personnel in the department in charge, optimizing the management team, adjusting department key performance goals, and establishing a mechanism for survival of the fittest and talent reserve; 10. Hosting the General Manager's Office Meeting to make decisions on major issues; 11. Responsible for handling major unexpected events in the company and promptly reporting to the chairman; 12. Complete the temporary tasks assigned by the chairman.

Job Requirements

Education background: Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in Enterprise, Economics, Marketing, and Production Management. Experience and skill requirements: 1. More than 5 years of experience in deputy general management of foreign enterprises, with priority given to experience in the fast-moving consumer goods manufacturing industry, and a certain level of financial management knowledge; 2. Familiar with enterprise management and operations, as well as the workflow of various departments; 3. Having good foresight and high-end decision-making ability; 4. Clear logic, broad vision, excellent comprehensive analysis and ability to manage the overall situation; 5. Capable of controlling the entire process of planning and production, with a deep understanding and successful implementation of lean production, standardized production, and on-site management; 6. Strong sense of responsibility, good professionalism and professional ethics; 7. Has strong ability and perseverance to withstand work pressure; 8. Proficient in spoken English communication.

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Job Details

Position type

President/General Manager/CEO


5~10 years

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