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Job Responsibilities

• Identify and implement Omoda strategies based on consumer insights, market opportunities and competitors’ trends, in compliance with global brand scheme; • Interface with local agencies, developing brand annual calendar and use resources to achieve targets, including but not limited in brands awareness improvement, brand reputation enhancement, campaign delivery, fans acquisition, customer club set up and management. • Achieve business results through executional excellence and partners with cross-functional teams to ensure MKT activities are executed according to strategy and supported by investment in advertising, social media and events. • Provide timely and insightful analysis report of market and main competitors to adapt strategy and action plan; • Interface with Media agencies, lead media development and executions in all communication channel, creating press release, monitoring posting and results; • Leading the set-up of social media platforms and official website, making strategy and creating content, monitoring result. • Leading launch events strategy and action plan. • Responsible for the collection and analysis of market information and the competitors, making summary report; • Responsible for the brand and product survey and provide the summary report; • Responsible for setting up other source;

Job Requirements

• Education: Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, advertisement, commercial management, economics, automotive engineering or machinery engineering; • Professional experience: more than 10 years of work experience in automobile Marketing & PR, more than 5 years as marketing or branding director. Successful brand building up and management; • Abundant resources and relationship with local media, KOL and KOC. • Strong communication and coordination ability, planning ability and execution ability; relationship establishment and maintenance capabilities; • Strong ability to withstand pressure; strong subjective initiative, daring to innovate and break through. • Language requirement: English as working language. To apply for this position,please contact Sophia. Whatsapp:+86 17675478259

Required Languages

Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, English

Job Details

Position type

Brand Manager/Director


More than 10 years

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