Aftersales Director
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Job Responsibilities

- Responsible for researching and planning aftersales service strategies; - Designing quarterly and annually aftersales service plans and supervising the implementation; - Responsible for planning and researching CSI programs, and responsible for the formulation and implementation of weak improvement plans; - Responsible for technical ability improvement plans of general agents and distributors, continuously improving terminal technical maintenance capacity; - Responsible for collecting, sorting out and analyzing various aftersales service information of competitors,service stations and various markets; - Responsible for quality information management of aftermarket including general agent/sales region, etc., and analyzing quality problems given back from market; - Responsible for closed-loop management of customer complaints; - Responsible for bidding, planning and supervising aftersales service network planning and construction; - Responsible for management of whole service team, includes Spare Parts Manager, Technical Manager and Warranty Client and responsible for the KPI of whole service team. Looking forward to getting your reply.

Job Requirements

- Experience: more than 5 years of related work experience in automotive; - Language requirement: English; - Flexibility to travel throughout the Region; - Strong management ability of Service Team. To apply for this position,please contact Sophia. Whatsapp:+86 17675478259

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Other sales positions


5~10 years

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