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Russian/Spanish foreign trade business manager
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description: 1. Structure and maintain the company's foreign trade platform, and timely update the product and supply information in the release platform; 2, online and mail, telephone to customer inquiries timely feedback, promote orders, orders, after-sales; 3. Receive customer visits and negotiate with customers; 4. Develop customers; 5, go abroad to participate in exhibitions and visit customers; 6. Actively complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job Requirements

Job requirements: 1, college degree or above, mother tongue is Spanish/Russian, English/Chinese reading and writing skills; 2, more than one year of foreign trade related work experience; 3, can independently carry out export work, complete the entire foreign trade sales process; 4, have rich sales negotiation skills and adaptability; 5, strong adaptability, a certain ability to withstand pressure; 6, outgoing personality, love sales, work passion; 7, have good collective coordination ability, have a strong sense of team; 8, familiar with e-commerce, operated Alibaba, global commerce and other B2B,B2C platform preferred employment.

Required Languages

Russian, Spanish, English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type



1~3 years

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