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Overseas Sales Director
Full-time45k - 50K RMB per monthHuzhou
Tianneng Battery Group Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Participate in strategic management of overseas regional sales operations 1. Develop regional sales strategic plans to provide suggestions and information support for major decisions in the region 2. Participate in the formulation of annual business plans and budget plans for their respective regions Overseas Market Development Management 1. Conduct market research and demand analysis in overseas regions under the organization 2. Responsible for sales work in their overseas regions, formulate marketing work plans for their overseas regions, and organize their implementation Sales Management 1. Develop a regional marketing plan based on the sales goals assigned by the overseas regional director, and decompose the regional sales goals 2. Expand the market, establish a sales team, and complete sales tasks 3. Provide effective corrective measures and guidance suggestions for the problems that arise during the sales process to ensure the completion of sales goals Customer Relationship Management 1. Establish and expand relationships with customers and all sectors of society, and establish a comprehensive customer relationship management system 2. Supervise and inspect customer service and after-sales service to ensure continuous improvement of service quality 3. Maintain good cooperative relationships with important customers 【 In charge of internal sales management in overseas regions 】 1. Responsible for coordinating and arranging various sales business work in the responsible region 2. Responsible for the establishment of sales teams, personnel assessment, motivation, and training mechanisms in the respective regions

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree, English can be used as the working language, and majors in marketing, international trade, and business English are preferred. 2. At least 8 years of sales experience in overseas major accounts, and at least 5 years of sales management experience; 3. Strong market development ability, high market sensitivity, excellent resource integration ability, good communication skills, and team building ability, able to withstand certain work pressure and complete various indicators; 4. Familiar with battery products (lead-acid&lithium), with sales experience in power batteries such as electric tricycles and overseas related lithium battery product segments, as well as experience in overseas sales channel construction and brand promotion. 5. At least 3-5 familiar regional markets: Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, North America, Europe, etc. Other information

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Sales director


5~10 years

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