Overseas Marketing Manager (Torchlight Infinite)
XD Inc.
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Job Responsibilities

1、Develop overseas marketing strategy of products, including budget allocation, channel cooperation, advertising and data analysis, etc. 2, Design marketing campaigns, produce content-oriented ideas and marketing programs based on internal and external resources, and supervise the implementation of campaigns. 3、Maintain good relationships with overseas channels and suppliers, and ensure smooth progress in cooperation. 4, Have a deep understanding of local players, and provide suggestions for product development, IP co-branding, marketing campaigns, etc.

Job Requirements

1、3+ years of experience in overseas game marketing , with full operational management of least one successful product launched overseas. 2, Be familiar with the marketing strategies in European and American gaming markets. Marketing experience of IP-based games preferred. 3, Love and keep the habit of playing video games, with rich experience in all kinds of games. 4, Have good teamwork and organizational skills, and fluent in Chinese and English.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


1~3 years

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