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US Sales Manager
Full-time35K - 40K RMB per monthUnited States
Shenzhen Amshi E-commerce Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the investigation and analysis of foreign markets, potential customer development and early customer service, and complete the responsible regional and national sales performance goals. 2. Communicate effectively with customers on a regular basis, receive and visit customers, and understand customer needs; 3. Regularly understand and provide feedback on the latest developments, industry policies, competitive products, etc. in each target market; 4. Maintain customer relationships, establish long-term and stable business relationships, and improve customer satisfaction. 5. Collect market information, analyze customer needs, and propose product improvement and new product development suggestions.

Job Requirements

Job requirements: 1. American,Bachelor degree or above, international trade. Native English speaker, speaks a little Chinese. I grew up in the United States and have a deep understanding of American culture. 2. Have half to one year of overseas market development experience and customer development experience, and have strong independent business development capabilities. 3. Down-to-earth, steady and careful personality 4. Have a strong sense of work responsibility, a strong sense of team honor, and identify with the company's values ​​and corporate culture.

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Import and export trade


Unlimited experience

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