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Job Responsibilities

1. Job responsibilities: (1) Responsible for market promotion and product sales; (2) The construction and maintenance of customer relationships, understand the operator's decision chain and clarify project requirements, and implement corresponding marketing strategies; (3) Responsible for completing tasks such as sales and payment collection in the area under its jurisdiction; (4) Organize and coordinate various forces, carry out continuous marketing and sales activities, and supervise the whole process to ensure the smooth progress of the project; (5) According to the project situation, coordinate the company's internal support resources; (6) According to the company's arrangement and following the arrangement of the director, make a good team project.

Job Requirements

2. Qualifications: (1) Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing; (2) Foreigners from Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. who have studied in China and are familiar with Chinese are preferred; (3) With more than 3 years of work experience, experience in injection molding machines, blow molding machines, molds and other related industries is preferred; (4) Good customer relations in some foreign countries are preferred; (5) Familiar with the development and main technical characteristics of the same industry, understand the work content, and be able to understand and relay technical solutions; (6) Strong market development and self-management capabilities, able to independently develop business relying on the company's platform, and strong business negotiation capabilities; (7) Have good affinity and communication skills, outgoing personality, creative courage, not afraid of hardships, able to bear hardships and stand hard work; (8) Strong sense of responsibility, dedication, teamwork spirit, and ability to travel frequently; (9) Strong team spirit, obey the leadership arrangement.

Required Languages

Other, English

Job Details

Position type

Import and export trade


Unlimited experience

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