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HR Specialist/Supervisor
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Job Responsibilities

This position play as a contact window for HR function for staff in French branch, including: 1. Collect information about hiring needs in French branch, including blue collar and white collar; 2. Implement the hiring plan to fulfill the manpower needs; 3. Responsible about the on board process of new employees, including offer, labor contract, new employee information collection and filing; 4. Time attendance record of all employees, payroll and compensation management; 5. Develop and implement training plan for the staff in French branch; 6. Other HR projects raised from the headquarter; 7. Support administrative work in the office for the daily operation.

Job Requirements

1. Skilled communication and team cooperation; 2. Knowledge about French labor law is preferred; 3. Knowledge in MS Office software (Word/Excel/PPT); 4. Language: French English and Chinese

Required Languages

Mandarin, English, French

Job Details

Position type

Recruitment specialist


3~5 years

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