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ESL Teachers Needed in Shanghai K&H International School
Part-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthShanghai
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Job Responsibilities

The FT will carry out the full range of duties of a teacher duties as a FT will involve all factors related to the campus outlined below and will include, but not necessarily be limited to: a. The provision of English language tuition to the K&H school centers or to other schools where the K&H School agrees to provide teachers. b. The provision of English language tuition at locations other than schools, such as company offices, kindergartens, universities, community halls, or private homes, as directed by the K&H School. c. Having his/her teaching periodically observed by academic staff, and also by other teachers, students’ family members, new students and any other persons authorized by the K&H School. d. Completing regular teacher peer observations and the associated peer observation form. (App: 1.11) e. Attending and fully participating in training K&H School sessions and workshops organized by the K&H School to improve the quality of teaching. f. Attending and taking action upon issues raised in both one-to-one and group meetings concerning the Teacher’s performance, professional development, and issues relating to the K&H School in general. g. Counseling existing students and advising them on issues relating to study, examinations, and language improvement opportunities. h. Completion of record sheets (App: 1.12) after each training session/class and maintain accurate class folders. i. Producing lesson plans, course outlines, and teaching materials, both individually and with fellow Teachers, as directed by the K&H School. j. The preparation, maintenance, and submission of timely and accurate reports on lessons and student progress according to the schema advised by the K&H School. k. Organizing and participating in social and promotional events for students. These may include giving demonstration lessons, or attending seasonal activities (e.g. Christmas parties) or camps that may include being away from the K&H School’s environ overnight or for a short time. l. Assisting and making a positive contribution to the recruitment of new students by, among other activities, conducting demonstration lessons, placement testing, and advising on appropriate classes / lessons for students. m. Teaching as cover for absent colleagues in schools or other locations when required. n. Undertaking monthly Campus Audits and submission of the “Campus Audit” (App: 1.13) form to head office in a timely manner for review. o. Being on stand-by when required in case of other teachers being unable to come to work.

Job Requirements

Candidates Requirements: • Passion for educating young students with a keen interest in their development • Ability to command the attention of groups of children in an engaging and compelling manner • Energetic, enthusiastic, animated approach to storytelling and delivering content to learners • Ability to thrive in a fast paced, high-change work environment • Native-speaking candidates from US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand or Europe; • B.A. Degree (needs to be legalized by Chinese consulate in home country) + TEFL/TESOL certificate • Non-criminal certificate(valid for 6 months after the issuance date) 200-300RMB/ teaching hour before tax, abundant teachign hours

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English teacher


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