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Customer Marketing Manager
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthShanghai
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Job Responsibilities

1. Design and conduct market research targeted at the U.S. market (primarily focused on new product trials), select/recruit interviewees, collect feedback, and extract valuable insights from the data gathered. 2. Manage and maintain a network of brand experience officers recruited from the public, ensuring they can provide feedback and suggestions from the perspective of genuine U.S. local customers. This includes, but is not limited to, overseeing the brand's performance on channels such as Amazon stores, official websites, and social media, ensuring the accuracy, appeal, and cultural adaptability of the content. Review product displays, page navigation, product feature descriptions, etc., to ensure they meet the expectations and purchasing habits of American consumers. 3. Communicate with Chinese merchandise, brand, and marketing teams to ensure effective exchange of information and accurate conveyance of needs between both parties.

Job Requirements

Educational Background: Bachelor's degree or higher in Marketing, Business Management, American Cultural Studies, or related fields. Work Experience: 1. At least 1-5 years of relevant work experience, with preference given to candidates with experience in e-commerce, international brand management, brand consulting/research, or working with the U.S. market. 2. Language Skills: Fluent in both English and Chinese, with excellent communication skills, to facilitate barrier-free communication with teams and markets in both China and the U.S. 3. Cross-cultural Understanding: In-depth understanding of American consumer culture, values, and market trends, as well as the core values and development direction of Chinese brands. 4. Analytical and Innovative Abilities: Strong analytical skills and innovative thinking, capable of independently solving problems and proposing practical improvement suggestions.

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Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


1~3 years

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