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E-commerce Operation
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthNingbo
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for e-commerce platform store operations (Ozon, WB); 2. Process daily order inventory and track order progress to ensure that orders are completed on time; 3. Regularly conduct statistical analysis on product operations and formulate operation promotion improvement strategies based on the analysis results; 4. Understand platform policies in real time, investigate and analyze the market and competitor conditions, and formulate promotion plans and sales strategies; 5. Maintain and optimize the Listing page to ensure account security; 6. Pay attention to and study the latest policies of the platform, accurately grasp market development trends, and continue to improve operational skills. work in Russia for long time or China for short time.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: 1. More than 1 year years of experience in operating Russian local e-commerce platforms; 2. Strong resistance to pressure, strong ambition, good communication and logical thinking skills, sensitive to data, and result-oriented; 3. Have strong interest and enthusiasm for border e-commerce, be proactive in work, and have a good team spirit.

Required Languages

English, Russian

Job Details

Position type

E-commerce operation/Offline operation/Product operation


1~3 years

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