Quality Engineer(Mumbai,India)
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Job Responsibilities

1, Responsible for the test tracking and problem improvement of local new product trial production and routine testing in India, and for the follow-up of product shipment quality inspection assurance; 2. Responsible for factory quality data and abnormalities Collection and analysis of information (process, IQA, OQA), follow-up factory analysis and improvement for TOP issues and major issues. 3. Responsible for the feedback and follow-up improvement of major customer inspection issues; 4. Responsible for following up the analysis progress and result feedback of the customer’s market return; 5. Responsible for the on-site management (5S management, process execution, etc.) audit of the Indian factory; 6. Responsible for assisting the quality of the headquarters in handling related business. If you are suitable for this job, welcome to send your CV to victory.liu@hiredchina.com WeChat ID: hiredchina4

Job Requirements

1, In India, more than 5 years of quality-related work experience, quality management related majors, college degree or above; 2. Familiar with the production process of consumer electronic products, basic methods and tools for quality problem analysis; 3. Possess Extensive contacts, familiar with the local customs and laws; 4. Familiar with office software, with good report writing skills; 5. Positive attitude, strong communication skills, team spirit, strong communication skills in English reading, writing, and speaking. 6, Language requirement: English, Chinese

Required Languages

English, Chinese

Job Details

Position type

Engineering / Project Management


3~5 years

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