Market Specialist (Based in Dubai )
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Job Responsibilities

1. Combining the offline sales requirements of the UAE, formulating marketing strategies, Optimize products display, Execute shop visits to fulfill the fieldwork object, and Launch UAE offline marketing campaigns to promote the UGREEN brand and products; 2.Responsible for publishing the posts and communicating with users in the official fans community of UAE and KSA, operating hierarchical operation management, and designing and implementing the community activities to develop potential users, activate sleeping users, and maintain active users. 3.Coordinate regional marketing strategy, and cooperate with agency team and headquarters marketing team (media, digital, etc.) to achieve marketing goals; 4.In addition to marketing work, provide constructive advice on competitor analysis and channel analysis to headquarters sales. 5.Cooperate with the regional agency team to ensure the market activities carry out successfully;

Job Requirements

1.Bachelor's degree, more than1 years of event planning, media planning, or related work experience. 2.Specific experience in planning and developing marketing campaigns; 3.Excellent problem-solving skills, communication, and system analysis skills; 4.Prioritize the experience in the mobile phone industry and the consumer electronics industry; 5.Fluent in Arabic and English (Both verbal and written). If you are interested in the role ,please feel free to contact via Email: , or whatsapp :+86 18575629550

Required Languages

English, Arabic

Job Details

Position type

Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


1~3 years

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