FB Senior Optimizer (Full/ Part Time)
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Job description

1. Responsible for the facebook advertising of the company's products, including facebook operation and optimization, for different products to formulate facebook advertising mechanism and strategies; 2. Monitor advertising data, channel and advertising creative performance data analysis and summary, constantly optimize the promotion effect, to provide data support for the new marketing plan; 3. Work with the creative team to design efficient advertising creativity and promotion copywriting. **This position can consider Full Time or Part Time**


1. Degree or above, major in e-commerce, marketing, news communication, advertising, etc; 2. More than half a year of experience in overseas promotion/advertising optimization of Facebook is preferred; candidate without experience in FB optimization but with strong ability to write advertising document/data analysis, can also be considered; 3. Have strong logical thinking, fast learning ability, and sensitive data analysis awareness 4. Self-driven, strong learning and execution abilities; 4. Know and love e-commerce, network marketing and mobile Internet; 5. Familiar with and love European and American popular culture. 6. Fluent in English (Level 4 or above)

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Digital Marketing


Mid-Senior level

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