Game Scenario Planner and Proofreader (Full time)
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We are a mobile game company based in Beijing. We are developing games as well as some mobile marketing business. In order to enhance our team's capacity, we are looking to hire a Game Scenario Planner and Proofreader. But what does this mean? in fact, it means that we are looking for someone who is able to : - Design a game story (storyline, dialogues, characters...), interesting, right? - Proofread our game's English language. - Check the games' localization files which may involve English culture (mainly North America culture), history and users' habits. By the way, we offer working visa if you meet the authorities' requirements. If you are interested in this job, welcome to send your CV to ;


- Native English speaker (Better from North America, you can see why from the job description) - Bachelor degree or above - Passionate about mobile gaming career. - Does your family / girlfriend / boyfriend complain that you spend most of your time playing mobile games? You're our favorite candidate! - Writing skills are highly appreciated. - Hmm.. you speak Chinese? Wow! That will be a plus. - Working office: Beijing. My friend, it's a full-time job and you need a long-term plan.

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Translation / Proofreading



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