Global Game Operation Manager
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Job description

1. Be responsible for the product operation during the testing and operation period of the company's overseas game release products, to ensure the smooth access of the test period version and the stability of the operation period version; 2. Be responsible for communication and coordination with different departments such as developers, operation and maintenance, testing, security and so on to ensure the smooth development of the technical work of each module; 3. Follow up all aspects of the version process such as version testing, version deployment, version release, BUG collection feedback, technical indicator data monitoring and tuning; 4. Be responsible for the analysis and summary of daily data reports, and based on this, continuously optimizing operating methods, making early warning of problems and timely feedback; 5. Be responsible for the localization operation of the company's overseas mobile games , including language proofreading, localization activities, local user demands mining and so on.


1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of game operation experience, responsible for online operation of popular products and overseas market experience is preferred. 2. Be familiar with the publishing, operation and promotion channels of the game market, and have a deep understanding of users' characteristics and demands in various regions; 3. Be able to work under pressure, have strong sense of responsibility and communication, and good at teamwork; 4. Have abilities of logical thinking, fast learning, text editing and tool grasping; 5. Proficient in office software such as word, excel, powerpoint; 6. Those with good English communication skills are preferred.

Required Languages

English, Chinese

Job Details

Position type

Operation / Office Management


Mid-Senior level

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