Part-time Translator (India)
Part-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShenZhen
Shenzhen TianDaoJiRan Information ,Ltd
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help to translate local language(Hindi) into chinese help to introduce the daily life/habits of normal India citizens help us to understand some india APPs functions GOOD NEWS: have chance to be sent back to work in INDIA with china salary pay.


wish you : 1. grew up in India. is a Hindi native speaker. (must) 2. can easily read/write the Hindi. (must) 3. can speak fluent chinese, and the major communication would chinese. (must) 4. deep user of smart phones, young, spending hours in your phones everyday. (must) 5. will appreciate if you have financing/programming background (not a must) I am recently on business trip. if you like this job, please let me know. when I go back to china i will contact you. Thanks!

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Secretarial / Clerical & Admin / Assistant



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