Part-time Translator (Vietnamese) / 越南语兼职翻译
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShenZhen, BeiJing
Shenzhen TianDaoJiRan Information ,Ltd
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(越南有相当数量的华裔和华人,而越南同学英文普遍不好,所以补充中文信息。这样可以增加被目标人群看到的机会,请管理员理解。谢谢!) help to translate local language (Vietnamese) into chinese help to introduce the daily life/habits of normal vietnamese citizens help us to understand some vietnamese APPs functions have chance to be sent back to work in vietnam with china salary pay. 帮助我们,把越南语翻译成中文。 帮助我们,理解越南居民的生活习惯,介绍风土人情。 帮助我们,理解一些越南APP软件的功能,作用,和背景知识。 有机会被派遣回越南工作,同时拥有中国的薪资水平。


hope you : 1. is a Vietnamese native speaker. (must) 2. grew up in Vietnam, knows Vietnamese people's life. (must) 3. can easily read/write the Vietnamese. (must) 4. can speak fluent chinese, and the major communication would chinese/english. (must) 5. deep user of smart phones, young, spending hours in your phones everyday. (must) 6. will appreciate if you have financing/programming background (not a must) 希望您: 1、在越南出生,越南语是你的母语。(必须) 2、在越南长大,对越南居民的生活有深刻了解。(必须) 3、能轻松读写越南文字。(必须) 4、能说流利的中文,今后和公司同事的沟通主要用中文(如果英文好,也行)。(必须) 5、重度手机用户,年轻人,每天在手机上花很多时间。(必须) 6、如果您有金融/编程经验更好(不是必须)

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