Sales & Marketing director
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Job Responsibilities

1、根据全国新能源市场发展和公司的战略规划,制定总体销售战略、销售计划及量化销售目标; 1. Formulate overall sales strategy, sales plan and quantified sales target according to the development of national new energy market and the company's strategic planning; 2、制定全年销售费用预算,完成公司下达的销售任务; 2. Made annual sales budget and completed the sales tasks assigned by the company; 3、制定销售额、市场覆盖率、市场占有率等各项评价指标; 3. Develop various evaluation indexes such as sales volume, market coverage and market share; 4、分解销售任务指标,制定责任、费用评价办法; 4. Broke down the sales target and formulated the responsibility and expense evaluation method; 5、根据市场运行情况制定、调整销售运营政策; 5. Formulate and adjust sales operation policies according to market operation conditions; 6、组织、领导销售队伍完成销售目标,协调处理各类市场问题; 6. Organize and lead the sales team to achieve the sales target, coordinate and deal with various market problems; 7、关系维护:客群关系维护;公关重大客户。; 7. Relationship maintenance: customer group relationship maintenance;Major public relations clients.

Job Requirements

1、本科及以上学历,市场营销专业相关专业; 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or related field; 2、十年以上国际贸易工作经验或五年以上预制化房屋销售管理经验; 2. More than 10 years' working experience in international sales or more than 5 years' sales management experience in prefabricated house; 3、语言表达能力、沟通能力强,具有较强的客际关系处理能力 ; 3. Strong language expression and communication skills, and strong inter-customer relationship processing ability; 4.掌握英语六级及以上语言能力,与外籍人士英语无障碍交流; 4. Master cet-6 and above, and conduct business English communication; 5、外向、乐观,思维活跃,有较好的创新能力和策划能力 ; 5. Outgoing, optimistic, active in thinking and good at innovation and planning; 6、有出色的协调力量,善于根据市场变化、客户需求和市场竞争需要,制定营销方针、销售策略; 6. Excellent coordination ability, good at formulating marketing policies and sales strategies according to market changes, customer needs and market competition needs; 7、具有塑造公司整体形象、提高企业知名度和声誉的能力; 7. Have the ability to shape the overall image of the company, improve the visibility and reputation of the enterprise;

Required Languages

English, Chinese

Job Details

Position type

International Trade



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