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Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities: 1. Conducted regional market research and developed new customers (customer groups: international trading companies, domestic foreign businessmen, peers, etc.); 2. Conduct enterprise business promotion through telephone, network or office visit and other channels, develop potential customers, analyze customer needs, and develop the best service plan 3, Familiar with the world map, familiar with the names of ports.Familiar with sea and air routes. 4. Completed sales tasks assigned by superiors and achieved performance tasks.

Job Requirements

Job requirements: 1. College degree or above, fluent in English listening, speaking and writing is preferred; 2. Outgoing, good at communication, strong communication skills, strong initiative and sense of responsibility, hard-working; 3. Excellent fresh graduates who want to work in the international logistics industry can be trained and hired.

Required Languages

Chinese, Arabic, English, Hindi

Job Details

Position type

Transportation / Logistics / Supply Chain


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