Southeast Asia Market Director
Full-timeMore than 30K RMB per monthHangZhou, Overseas
Wizard Games Global Limited
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Job Responsibilities

# Marketing business related: 1.Responsible for game and Internet market research in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.), study the development status and product plan of the game industry, and formulate the strategies of overseas independent / joint distribution ; 2.Responsible for the expansion and research of game media, publishers, player platforms or game channels in the target countries. Maintain good relations and establish daily communication with business partners. 3.Responsible for formulating the promotion and budget plan of the target country, and promoting the implementation. Responsible for the promoting and operation of local marketing , organizing online events and building game brand; 4.Responsible for collecting and analyzing the feedback of player and the market. Maintain good communication with with internal operations and technical teams so as to develop the game and promote it effectively; 5.Assist the technical teams with the localization and testing of games. # Player community related: 1.Lead the team to manage and operate various self-media and platforms in target countries (such as: FaceBook, Ins, Fan-site, TWITTER, TWITCH, TikTok, Bigo, etc.), and make marketing plans according to different versions and events; 2.Organize and manage volunteer teams among players from various countries, continuously output valuable feedback, and improve the quality of games and services; 3.Developing core players, and forming a player group from 0 to 1. Planning and executing in-game tests or user surveys, and outputting valid conclusions; Communicating closely with players, motivating user generated content, and training KOL.

Job Requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above; 2.With more than 5 years of game related industry experience. Experienced in playing games. (priority shooting game product management and practical experience); 3.Experienced in team managing. Own the independent experience in implementing full case distribution (please list the successful products); 4.Familiar with marketing, including research, data analysis, public relations, advertising, online and offline promotion. Familiar with the mainstream promotion methods and channels of the Southeast Asian market, can give the best comprehensive promotion plan for the product; 5.Proficient in Thai and English. Good at Chinese is better. Should be able to communicate with local team perfectly; 6.Have good learning, communication,strategic thinking ability, can provide strategic output for product development and promotion; 7.Love and play games a lot. Familiar with the game industry and media cooperation, and understand the status and development direction of the game industry in the target country; 8.Having the ability to form or already own a local team is preferred.

Required Languages

Chinese, English, Thai

Job Details

Position type

Marketing / Advertising / PR



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