Head of Administration
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthVietnam - Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
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Job Responsibilities

1、Assist decision makers to establish Vietnamese companies and deal with local government docking work: including but not limited to the establishment of legal and operational framework for companies in Vietnam, dealing with registration, licensing and compliance with local regulations; 2、Responsible for the company's daily administrative affairs, including government affairs, qualification application, document and file management, arrangement of meetings and activities, logistics etc; 3、Supervise the implementation of the company's rules and regulations, and do a good job of coordination with other departments; 4、Assist in building and organizing the team required for the company's operation in Vietnam. This includes hiring and onboarding employees with various skills and expertise; 5、Complete other jobs and tasks assigned by the General Manager, which may involve various aspects of the company's operations.

Job Requirements

1、Relevant experience in administrative and personnel work and some understanding of international freight forwarding; 2、Some understanding of Vietnamese business laws and regulations and experience in dealing with government agencies and regulatory bodies; 3、Good teamwork spirit, proactive work, strong principles, strong communication and coordination and independent problem solving skills; 4、Willing to participate in the company's training programs and have the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new information and technology; 5、Be flexible to work in an evolving environment; 6、Awareness of and respect for cultural differences in different work environments; 7、Proficiency in Chinese/English, both spoken and written, required for effective communication and documentation; 8、Proficiency in computer operations, including office software and related business applicat.

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Administrative commissioner


3~5 years

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