Global Video Cloud Business - Cooperation Manager
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Shenzhen Tange Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Take charge of the insight (planning, active expansion, implementation, etc.) of business opportunities for cooperation of all businesses of IOT's video cloud service to obtain new opportunities for business success 2. Be responsible for the planning of new business opportunities for IoT video cloud services (focusing on the Southeast Asian market at this stage), strategic partners and other important development directions, and formulate corresponding competition and cooperation strategies through industry analysis, competition analysis, consumer demand and service capability analysis of telecom operators/payment channels. The leading project has been implemented and achieved commercial success, and played a leading role in the successful expansion and implementation of new opportunities 3. Responsible for the construction of IoT video cloud service cooperation, exploring new opportunities, and looking for new partners in a number of consumer IoT video services (software/hardware), such as IoT platform, smart home terminal, IoT video terminal/case provider, video monitoring IT service integrators, telecom operators, mobile phone payment service providers, AI algorithm service providers, cloud computing service providers, etc, Develop our strategic partnerships and manage all business discussions and partnerships 4. Be responsible for the expansion of the global partners of IoT's video cloud service (focusing on the Southeast Asian market at this stage), so as to expand the number of global customers and video terminals covered by IoT's video cloud service as the target, and develop the global market based partners At the same time, we can hold the consumer video equipment/case/supply chain of China Internet of Things, Empower the development of global customers.

Job Requirements

1. More than 3 years' experience in IoT/security ToB customers' sales/partner development, familiar with the demands and pain points of overseas customers, and familiar with the Southeast Asian market is preferred. 2. Have the ability to build an insight into the industry trend through industry analysis, competitive product analysis, customer interviews, consumer insight, etc 3. Have the ability to reach consensus on cooperation strategies and plans through communication and guidance. 4. Have the ability to promote the transaction. Fully understand internal and external demands, grasp common interest demands, promote consensus formation and reach decisions. Through project planning, monitoring and management, the project bid is reached. Problems and conflicts encountered in cooperation can be found in a timely manner, and solutions can be proposed to promote the final settlement 5. Strong cross organizational communication skills, cross team coordination of resources, and promotion of the project to reach the established target 6. Excellent Chinese and English learners can speak, speak, read, write and speak English learners can act as English learners 7. Have a certain recognition of the Internet of Things video cloud service field, and have a systematic understanding and thinking 8. Working place Base is in Singapore (short-term business trip is acceptable), and the working mode of remote office is acceptable

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


3~5 years

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