Operation Manager
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthOnline
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Job Responsibilities

Tasks and Responsibilities : • Helps defining the production budget, advising on possible and suitable economic savings on the product production; • Assures the respect of productions plans, providing the product quantity and quality requested and meeting the shipment of the finished goods deadlines; • Guarantees the production standards through the definition of production time schedule, technical ratio and methods; • Organize the teams to face the requirements of production; • Organize and manage the support teams for production such as Maintenance and Tooling. These teams have to provide an excellent service to the production department at the lowest cost; • Establishes the score cards of productivity and carries out their follow-up; • Make sure that the targets and monthly results are well known by all the employees in production; • Manage the daily production meeting to adjust as soon as possible the deviations; • Follows the corrective actions; • Assures quality standard of the product; • Participates with other companies of Fomas group to product development processes and collaborates with the definition of the new products; • Proposes Investment projects in equipment, installation and infrastructure and technologies, taking care after the approval the implementation and the optimal operation; • Manages efficiently the Human resources assigned, take care of their technical training and proposes possible skill development actions; • Takes in charge the implementation of applicable safety policies, regulations and procedures, providing information and training to workers about risks and taking the adequate technical actions in order to improve the work place health and the environment safety.

Job Requirements

Education/Major: Bachelor in mechanics or other engineering or equivalent. Working Experience: Minimum 8 years working experience in manufacturing industry, steel industry is preferable. Management Experience:3 years minimum in management positions.

Required Languages

Italian, English

Job Details

Position type

Operations Director


More than 10 years

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