Guest Relations Manager
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShenzhen
Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen
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Job Responsibilities

1. 运用10/5步法则以微笑和友好的目光接触,问候迎接抵店客人,并正确称呼客人姓名。 Greet arriving guests in 10/5 rule with a smile and eye contact using the guest’s name. 2. 熟悉产品和服务知识以便向客人介绍并销售服务和设施。 Maintain a high level of the hotel and Hard Rock product and service knowledge in order to explain services and facilities to guests. 3. 熟练掌握酒店客房位置、客房类型、房价、折扣、酒店设施、营业时间以及特殊促销政策等。 Familiar with the knowledge of room locations, room types, rates, discounts, hotel facilities and their hours of operation, special promotions etc. 4. 熟悉硬石奖励计划,确保正确处理、准备相关报告并积极发展新会员。 Maintain good knowledge of the Hard Rock Rewards pregame, ensuring correct handling, prepares reports and actively participates in enrolling new members 5. 询问客人是否入住愉快。记录客人意见和反馈并向上级汇报. Inquire guest staying experience, record guest comments and suggestion, report to the management to know. 6. 确认VIP贵宾,硬石奖励顾客、长住客,建立良好关系并提供个性化服务。 Identify VIP, Hard Rock Rewards member, regular and long staying guest, develop rapport to offer personalized service and assistance. 7. 保持维护所在工作区域的高度整洁。 Ensure a high level of cleaning is maintained in work area. 8. 在餐厅始终保持微笑礼貌的问候客人,安排并带领客人就坐,管理等位客人。 Greeting guests with a polite smile at all times in the restaurant, arrange and lead guests to sit down, and manage waiting guests 9. 为了准确地回答客人疑问,必须要完全熟悉所有菜单的菜式,包括材料,食品过敏以及酒单。 Be thoroughly familiar with all menu items, including ingredients and food allergens, and wine list in order to assist guests and answer questions accurately. 10. 询问客人用餐体验,收集分析客人反馈意见并定时向上级管理层汇报. Ask guests about their dining experience, collect and analyze their feedback and report to the upper management regularly. 11. 充分认识硬石品牌文化并主动与客人分享。 Fully understand Hard Rock Brand culture and take the initiative to share with customers. 12. 按要求参加必要的培训与会议。 Attend training and meeting as requirement. 13. 在上级指导下执行其它任务。 Carry out other tasks as directed by your supervisors. 14. 在工作中遵循硬石对客服务标准。 Abide by the Hard Rock service standards. 15. 保守酒店机密。 Keep hotel information confidential. 16. 坚持饭店安全紧急和处理程序。 Adhere to the hotel’s security and emergency policies and procedures. 17. 遵守饭店的工作政策及程序,遵守硬石的商业行为规范以及员工手册中的条款。 Abide by the Hotel’s Policies and Procedures, Hard Rock Code of Business Conduct and the hotel’s Associate Handbook. 18. 以上不含所有的工作内容,将根据工作需要予以更新. Tasks will be updated subject to the position needs.

Job Requirements

工作经验,教育背景及专业资质 EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION, AND CERTIFICATIONS 1. 至少半年国际连锁酒店实习/工作经验 At least 6 months internship/work experience in international chain hotel 2. 本科学历 Bachelor’s Degree. 技能 SKILLS 1. 良好的英语能力 Good English language skill. 2. 良好的管理技能 Good supervisory skill. 3. 良好的沟通技巧 Good communication skill. 4. 良好的组织以及解决问题的能力 Be good at organize and problem solving 5. 擅长团队合作 Good team player 6. 良好的心理承受能力,积极的工作态度 Positive attitude under pressure. 7. 良好的培训以及表达技巧。 Training & presentation skill.

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