Branch Sales General Manager in USA
Full-timeMore than 100K RMB per monththe USA
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Job Responsibilities

We are looking for an American branch Sales GM to develop the American market and business. As branch GM, you will be responsible for developing new customers, maintaining existing customers, and ensuring sales targets are achieved. You will be responsible for developing the branch's sales strategy, providing high-quality service to customers, and ensuring the company's leading position in the market. Responsibilities: 1. Developed and implemented sales plans, targets, and strategies in the United States to achieve sales targets. 2. Develop new customers and increase sales through cooperation with existing customers. 3. Ensure the achievement of sales targets and report sales performance to management. 4. Responsible for analyzing market trends, and formulating and implementing sales plans and strategies. 5. Participate in various exhibitions and conferences to promote the company's products and establish brand image. 6. Coordinated cross-departmental cooperation and cooperated with other departments to promote sales work. 7. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors. Please feel free to contact Zoey for more details. WhatsApp or WeChat: +86 13699832407 Email:

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in marketing, sales, or related is preferred. 2. More than 3 years of sales and marketing management experience; 3. Rich business resources in building materials and the home furnishing industry is preferred. 4. Understand the latest trends in the market and consumer behavior, and have the ability to adjust business strategies according to the trends. 5. Excellent sales and negotiation skills, good at communication and coordination. 6. English and German can be used as working languages. 7. Working mode: telecommuting, living in New York, East region preferred.

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Sales director


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