Ad Optimization Specialist
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Mechanist Games
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Job Responsibilities

Base: Russia Work mode: remote full-time 1.Responsible for advertisement placement, including placement time, channel, price and consumption limit; 2.Responsible for analyzing advertisement materials and placement data, clarifying advertisement design ideas, controlling the progress of material production, and completing creative copy with the design team; 3.According to the progress of the product, improve the advertisement exposure, click rate, etc., and control the quality of users; 4.Responsible for monitoring advertisement placement, controlling risks and dealing with emergencies; 5.Responsible for the development of advertising plan and advertising effect analysis, according to the data to optimize the channel to reduce costs.

Job Requirements

1.Fluent in Chinese or English; 2.More than 1 year game advertising experience, familiar with twitter, facebook, google and other platforms. 3.Careful and patient, have some experience in analyzing online advertising placement data, understand online advertising data monitoring; 4.Excellent communication skills, excellent data sensitivity and analysis ability, and problem solving ability;

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Job Details

Position type

Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing


1~3 years

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